About Portalry

What is Portalry?

Portalry.com is a community organiser app for metaverse communities.

Each portalry represents a community that meets in the metaverse. Each portalry can have just one meeting space or many.

How do you imagine it will be used?

Here are a few use cases we're thinking of:

  • A VR church pastor uses it to provide a link to a meeting places and service times
  • A teacher providing a 3D experiential course on Ancient Rome uses it to notify students of lecture times and announce changes to the the space
  • A business manager uses it to share team VR space meeting times with the internal team

What metaverse platforms do you support?

Right now we support 6 platforms including Roblox, Frame, VRLand, Hubs, VRChat and Decentraland. We are adding more all the time. Please tweet to @portalry to request a new platform be added

What can I do with Portalry?

Current features

Today you can:

  • Create a portalry with between 1 and 8 portals in.
  • Share your portalry on social media with an image preview
  • Track teleport activity to your portals
  • Set portal and portalry privacy to either public or unlisted

Planned features

In the future we hope to enable you to:

  • Allow community members to subscribe to the portalry
  • Provide community announcments and events
  • Embed a portalry inside of a metaverse platforms

Is it free?

Free users are limited to 1 portalry each

What are the advantages of premium Portalry?

Premium users will

  • be able to have as mnany portalries as they like


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