About Portalry

What is Portalry?

Portalry is a curation platform for you to curate and share your metaverse spaces with your followers on social media.

Portals are arranged into portalries, each containing up to 8 portals. Portals are laid out for ease of navigation on mobile, desktop and on VR (left, upper left, up, upper right, etc)

How do you imagine it will be used?

Here are a few use cases we're thinking of:

  • A teacher providing a 3D experiential course on Ancient Rome collates relevant Roman themed metaverse spaces into a single portalry for ease of sharing with their class
  • A bank offering different advisory services signposts their different virtual bureaus by linking to a portalry from their website
  • An individual wants to keep track of cool places in the metaverse and creates a portalry to remember the good ones
  • A party planner is planning a metaverse party and wants to share potential metaverse venues internally with the team

What metaverse platforms do you support?

Right now we support 6 platforms including Roblox, Frame, VRLand, Hubs, VRChat and Decentraland. We are adding more all the time. Please tweet to @portalry to request a new platform be added

What can I do with Portalry?

Current features

Today you can:

  • Create a portalry with up to 8 portals in.
  • Share your portalry home page, individual portalries and individual portals on social media
  • Drill down on any portal and then teleport to that portal
  • View other people's portalries
  • Add portals from another person's portalry to your own portalry
  • Set portal and portalry privacy to either public or unlisted

Planned features

In the future we hope to enable you to:

  • Search portalry and find the most relevant metaverse spaces for your search query
  • Embed a portalry inside of a metaverse platforms
  • Set the order of portals within a portalry

What are the limitations of free Portalry?

Free users you are limited to up to 8 portalries

What are the advantages of premium Portalry?

Premium users will

  • be able to have hundreds of portalries
  • be able to claim portal URLs and append services to all portal pages containing their portal URL


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